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Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream, 20 g

Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream, 20 g

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Our journey began around 1929. It was the happy outcome of the heady nationalistic wave that had engulfed all Indians during pre-independence era. Gour Mohun Dutta, an importer of foreign goods, decided to join the Swadeshi Movement. With a glorious dream of free and self-sufficient India in his heart, he started manufacturing products to compete with foreign ones, in his own house... one of them would be the legendry green tube, Boroline. Today, to over three generations of Indian consumers, Boroline is not only one of India's Superbrands, but has evolved as a caring and trusted member of the family. Searching for the ultimate remedy for dry, rough itchy skin? Use 100% natural, ultra-rich Boroline every night to heal dry skin anywhere - chapped lips, rough hands or elbows, cracked heels or dry feet... the list can go on. Whatever may be the cause of dryness, Boroline helps you wake up with happy skin. And... that's it! The name Boroline is derived from its ingredients, "Boro" from boric powder, which has antiseptic properties, and "olin" as a variant of the Latin word oleum, meaning oil. The cream is combination of naturally obtained oils, waxes and its remarkable antiseptic properties are as a result of boric powder and zinc oxide.
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